To process your Amazon FBA Orders is taking about 1 to 3 business days to currently ship. 

We work with Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label Products.  


All Items shipped out will need to be Received and inspected. 


FBA Basic Prep and Ship Service Base Prices:

          1-25 products when creating order for shipment- $1.60 per standard sized unit. They will ship out immediately.

          26+ Items Basic Prep & Ship FBA Short Hold- $0.95 per standard sized unit We will hold your items up to 14 days for you to acquire a minimum of 26 products and up when creating order for shipment.


Minimum order of $20.00. If you order falls below we will charge a standard $20.00 charge for the order.


        FBA Basic Prep and Ship Services will include:

  • Receiving- unless it comes in on pallets. Pallet Charges are additional. 
  • Inspecting each product for damage
  • Product FNSKU or identifying Labeling
  • 14 Days of Free Storage if waiting on additional products to include in order              
  • Reconcile ordered inventory to received inventory 



Products are received in the portal when we start to process your order. 


  $1.00 additional per item for over sized and heavy units that are over 5 lbs. or/and over 18 inches  

$1.00 additional for hazmat items

***We will no longer puchase shipping labels for Hazmat items. You will need to supply us the shipping labels for Hazmat items. 


**Please, note we DO NOT commingle products when shipping to Amazon. All products are labeled unless it is a private label and you are the only seller.


Specialized Services for Items 


These charges are in addition to our base price above. We bag/shrink wrap any products that can be physically touched. Any fabric, plush, towels, clothing or open face package etc. we bag/shrink wrap.


  • Heat Sealed Poly Bags with suffocation label- $0.85 - Oversized Units $1.35 - The heat sealed poly bags have the required suffocation label and is used where Amazon guidelines requires and for products that can be physically touched, and /or bottles with liquid inside where the lid is sealed.  
  • Bubble Wrap- $0.55 per foot 
  • Custom Shrink Wrapping- $0.85 -  Oversized Units are an additional $1.40 per unit
  • Sticker/Tag removal- $0.30 per sticker
  • Expiration/Best By Labels- $0.20
  • Do Not Separate Labels- $0.10
  • Extra Label- $0.10
  • EPDM Black Band-$0.10
  • Fragile Label- $0.10
  • Inserts - $0.20 per item


Our Shrink Wrap and Heat Sealed Bags are 100 gauge polyolefin so they are very strong and durable. 


  • Bundles and Multipacks- 
  • Bundle and Multipack- $2.99 (If bundles are oversize please inquire for pricing)
  • Bundles and Multipacks include heat sealed poly bag or shrink wrap, FNSKU label and do not separate labels. 
  • Bubble wrap is an additional $0.55 per foot. Boxes for bundles and multipacks are an additional fee. 


Pick & Pack fee per unit for orders going from Atlantic Fulfillment's Storage that have already been prepped to Amazon Warehouses FBA- $0.75 per unit and the cost of shipping boxes. If items need to be prepped the cost is $0.75 per unit plus our prepping charges above per unit plus box charges.


  • Outbound Shipping Boxes, Dunnage and Box Packing 

Extra Small Box- $2.15

Small Box- $2.85

Medium Box-$3.60

Large Box- $4.35

Extra Large Box- $5.25

We cannot give you an estimate on how many boxes we will have to use until we process your order.  These charges include the box(s) needed to ship your order, any dunnage, box content and the labor in packing your boxes. 


We take great care into packing as we know how boxes are thrown around while in transport. We bubble wrap the interior of the shipping boxes as needed if you have fragile products. 

Once items are shipped out from us we are not responsible responsible for the items.


Abandoned Items and/or Non Payment:

Non payment of bills over 90 days will be considered abandonment of inventory and we will dispose or sell the product by any means necessary to recover the loss of payment. 

***We may put a hold on orders going out if payment is not made. 

Inventory left in our facility for more than 90 days with no contact or without payment will be considered abandoned and will be sold or disposed of.


Multi-Channel Fulfillment

There is an $0.95 fee per item (Clothing is $1.80 per item if not case packed) that covers: Processing, Receiving, inspection, unboxing, inventorying, product measurements, identifying label and placing into storage ready to ship. If the item needs any additional prepping the fee's that are above are applied and then your item is placed into storage until it sells.  

For us to ship MCF orders for Amazon you will need to set up a Ship Station account. This is the only way now that we will ship Amazon orders MCF. 

Additional $1.00 per Hazmat units.

For 1st item $3.75 + $0.75 per additional item per order. This includes all packing material and shipping boxes if the item(s) fit in a 12" cube box or smaller, pick and pack. (If the item(s) will not fit in a 12" cube box or smaller, heavy, over 5 lbs., there may be additional box/handling charges.) 

 Additional fees may include bagging, shrink wrapping, bubble wrapping, product over 5lbs., oversize items and any shipping boxes over 12".  

Shipping charges are billed to your account. We do not ship overseas at this time.

We only ship in the USA. We do not ship overseas. We no longer provide shipping for Hazmat items. You will need to provide a shipping label for Hazmat items. 

 **If we purchase your shipping labels and then bill you, we will need a deposit if your shipping costs go over $200.00. We cannot not tie up hundreds or thousands of dollars in shipping labels.  

Example of Process Flow: 

1. Product is unboxed, received, inspected for damage, measurements taken,  labeled and assigned to MCF and placed into storage. The cost is $0.95 per item. 

If a product needs additional prep, charges are applied for that prep. 

2. Once the item sells, the item is picked, inspected again, packed with dunnage if needed, weigh and measure, select appropriate shipping, print label and ship. The cost is $3.75   + $0.75 per additional item per order.

For one item in the order the total cost would be $0.95 if not additional prep is needed for the item when received, then $3.75 if the item fits in a 12' box or smaller. Total would be for the item $4.70 plus shipping costs. 

If the order contained two items, no additional prep, under 5lbs., fits in a 12" box or smaller,  the cost would be $0.95 x 2= $1.90 plus $3.75 plus $0.75= $6.40

Shipping-Related, Including Our Pallet Program

(Charges apply for both receiving and shipping)


  • Freight Forwarding: $55 a pallet, If you want us to receive pallets from manufacturers to be freight-forwarded to Amazon, we can do so. We’ll receive, do outside labeling, and store until you provide freight shipping labels via email. This is based on Amazon labeling your individual items for you not us.
  • Pallet Receiving: $25.00 per pallet
  • Pallet Shipping: $30.00
  • Pallet Break Down, Rebuild, Wrap and Shipping: $55.00
  • Pallet Sorting: Prices start at $55 on top of our regular Prepping pricing (if a pallet we receive has mixed items in cases that are easily identified, additional charges will apply to each box if we have to open each box.) We can ship directly to you. 
  • We can also freight forward your Individual Shipping boxes. Receiving for case pack boxes that are not in pallets that go straight to storage is $3.00 per box. Shipping cost per box to Amazon is $5.00 for case pack boxes. We will put the outside shipping label on the box that you provide and ship to Amazon on your behalf. If you items need counted and inspected or sent in different quantities it will be $5.00 per case and $0.75 per item.  If product needs to be re-boxed because of damaged boxes our standard box charges apply. If items need to be individually labeled the cost is $0.65 per item.
  •   Any Boxes that come in to us not on pallets from freight containers or truck loads that go directly to storage will be charged $3.00 per box to unload, receive and place into storage location.  
  • If we purchase your shipping labels and then bill you, we will need a deposit if your shipping costs go over $200.00. We cannot not tie up hundreds or thousands of dollars in shipping labels. 


Additional Services 


Books: New Books Only$2.50 per unit to receive, inspect for damage, shrink wrap or bagged. 
To remove tags from books is an additional $0.30 per tag/sticker.
New Clothing  $2.00 per item to receive, inspect, remove tags and label. 
To bag clothing it is an additional $0.55 per item.
Shoes  $1.75 per pair of shoes to receive, inspect, remove tags, label and band if needed. 
Returns Sent Back to Vendors - Any products need sent back to vendor's will incur a $4.00 re packing fee per box.  If the suppliers box is not available or damaged we will charge for an additional box charge according to size.
Removal Orders from Amazon that are not damaged - There is a $0.95 per unit fee for Processing, Receiving, inspection, unboxing, inventorying, product measurements, identifying label and placing into storage ready to ship. If the item needs any additional prepping the fee's that are above are applied and then your item is placed into storage until it sells. The removals need to be put in the customer portal under your account and then they are put into storage. If the items are not in the portal there is a $4.00 portal entry fee per sku. Storage fee's start from the day of arrival.   
When doing an Amazon removal please put your name or store name where it asks for name or under order ID. This will help us identify your packages, otherwise your packages will sit and accumulate storage fee's until determined who they belong to. 
Disposal Fee:  $0.75 per unit/item
Amazon Customer Returns /E Commerce Customer Service Returns:  At this time we are NOT accepting Customer Returns. 

  A per unit Fee starts at $3.00 per unit which includes Receiving, Inspecting, details of condition and placed into inventory. If the items are to be sent back into Amazon, the items have to be in brand new factory sealed condition to be sent back.   If products received need any prep above prep charges will apply. 

Pictures of Damaged Items or Paperwork - $3.00 per picture

Warehouse Labor Charge- Any extra service or work that is done and is not listed here will be charged $55.00 per hour or prorated.


Portal Entries- Items that arrive that do not have portal entries and we have to find the products and enter them in the portal will incur a $4.00 fee per ASIN.

For orders that are not processed through the Amazon Assistant there is a labor fee of $55 per hour, prorated if less than an hour. This is for the extra time involved and we are not responsible for any errors in these types of orders. 



$0.70 cents per cubic ft. per month 

$18.00 minimum charge for storage per month. 

There are NO long-term additional storage fees. We can handle your storage needs, very affordably. 

 We require that your inventory in our warehouses be insured. We cannot legally insure product that we do not own. You would need to add our warehouse as a secondary location to your insurance. We are not responsible for natural disasters. Our insurance does not cover third party inventory.


  • We DO NOT process the following:

Used books ( We will process only used Textbooks)

Used Items

Bulk Jewelry (Mixed Boxes)


Weight Loss, Health and wellness products from multi-level marketing companies like Herbalife, Zeal, Amway etc.  

Glass is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that their will not be breakage. 


Shipping Products directly to us:

Do you order online (“online arbitrage”)? Then rather than having your purchases shipped to your house, you can have them shipped to us.

Do you order from manufacturers? Have them send the cases or pallets to us, instead of unloading them at your home or warehouse.


We do not need a lift gate for deliveries.


**** We do not accept any shipments that come to us Collect****

 To ship to us, use:

Your first name and last name

c/o Atlantic Fulfillment

5568 Highway 70

Unit B

Newport, NC 28570

*****When shipping products to us make sure you have entered products into the portal. Sometimes we receive products from new customers without there name or company and we have no way to identify who the products belong to and they will be stored in storage and incur storage fee's until you contact us. 

If your product(s) is/are not entered into our portal and listed on Amazon and converted to Shipped by Amazon the time it arrives and we are ready to ship, we will move on to the next order and you may be charged a labor fee of $45.00 per hour/prorated if under an hour for starting  your order, depending on how much time was involved. There is time involved in unpacking your items and setting up a prep table just to find out that the order cannot be completed because items are not in the portal or in seller central. Items that are marked for 26+ are not opened until we are ready to start the order. 

We will notify you and you will need to notify us back when everything is entered.  If your products are not converted we can do this for an additional $0.50 per asin, but we are NOT responsible if the boxes are not checked correctly. We do not research the products or if they contain batteries etc. Our job is to prep and ship your items.


 If we have to provide you an inventory of the products there will be an additional charge of $0.95 per item. 


All shipments are prepped and packed to Amazon's requirements if they are being shipped to Amazon.

We may ask for deposits on orders that exceed $400 in prepping charges and for orders that we pay shipping for. Deposits will be deducted from your invoices.


If we receive products in for multi-fulfillent they will be prepped and put in storage until they are shipped out and in this instance storage charges start on the day they arrive. 


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We pay close attention to detail and prep your items as if they were ours.